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Re: Freenode sasl authentication error rcirc

From: Bone Baboon
Subject: Re: Freenode sasl authentication error rcirc
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 14:37:35 -0400

I am now able to connect to Freenode using Circe with SASL

I received help from wasamasa in #emacs-circe and staff in #freenode to
debug an issue with Circe's SASL authentication.  A fix was pushed to
the Circe repository.

This logging variable was helpful during Circe debugging:
`(setq irc-debug-log t)` 

Here is the contents of my Circe configuration that is working for me:

(setq circe-network-options
         :tls t
         :nick "bone-baboon"
         :user "bone-baboon"
         :realname "bone-baboon"
         :sasl-username "bone-baboon"
         :sasl-password "<password>")))

The sasl-username and sasl-password are the username and password used
when registering an account with Freenode.

Bone Baboon writes:

> Thank you
> Tobias Geerinckx-Rice writes:
>> Unless you can obtain a new IP that isn't part of these ‘high-risk
>> ranges’, or connect through a bouncer elsewhere, you *need* to set 
>> up SASL.  How that's done differs per client.
>> Simply installing some packages won't cut it.  You need to actually
>> register your nickname and configure your client to log you in using
>> SASL.
> I have registered an account with Freenode.  I will try to setup an
> Emacs IRC client with SASL or CertFP for that account.
> Searching and emacs-tw/awesome-emacs on GitHub for irc I find:
> - ERC (included with Emacs)
> -- on #erc I was told
> --- ERC does not currently support SASL but it is being worked on
> --- ERC will support CertFP when Emacs 28 is released
> - rcirc (included with Emacs)
> -- no matches when searching for SASL or CertFP in the rcirc info
>    document 
>> I briefly looked for rcirc how-tos but found none.  The manual[0]
>> doesn't mention SASL at all. 
> - Riece
> -- Riece's documentation does not mention of SASL or CertFP
> - Circe
> -- Circe's readme shows support for SASL and CertFP
> I asked on #freenode if CertFP would work as an alternative to SASL and was 
> told that it would.
> I am going to try to get Circe connecting to Freenode using SASL or CertFP.
> What Emacs IRC client's are people able to successfully connect to Freenode 
> with using SASL or CertFP?
> Are there other Emacs IRC clients that I should look into?

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