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Packaging Golang programs

From: Formbi
Subject: Packaging Golang programs
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 13:24:16 +0000


I'm trying to package Protonmail's proton-bridge, which is written in Go. In 
most cases, it's quite easy to import a package or write the definition 
manually. However, some packages are made of sub-packages and the build system 
says, for example:

can't load package: package no Go files in (…)

Those packages are referenced as whole, though. If the sub-packages (with 
#:unpack-path) are needed, they don't really work either. For example in the test suite can't find itself:

        imports cannot find package 
"" in any of:
 (from $GOROOT)
 (from $GOPATH)
FAIL [setup failed]

Disabling the tests doesn't suffice here, because after it «builds», it can't 
be found by a package which needs it. Could you please give me some directions?

Kind regards.

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