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updating takes so much memory

From: Tomás Chapunov
Subject: updating takes so much memory
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 09:00:47 -0300

Can I move the Store to another disk?

I have two installations of Guix.
- One Guix SD, it works fine. I'm fiddling with it, but it's a work in
- One Guix package manager on top of my main debian 10 system. I have some
packages installed, but texlive is giant. When I do:

$ guix package -u

it uses so much memory that always exhaust my PC.

I wonder if I can symlink the store, and relocate it in another disk. I
have more than one.
Is there any best practices recommendation about doing this? Can I break
Is there any issue I have to consider about performance or anything like

Thanks! Guix is marvelous, but it takes a steep learning curve.

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