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Re: updating takes so much memory

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: updating takes so much memory
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 08:18:12 -0400
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You'll have to be very careful. Last time I tried, you couldn't symlink the 
store, but you can mount another file system on /gnu. The main issue is the 
database in /var/guix.

It needs to be in sync with what's in the store. If you share the store between 
the two systems, and install packages on both, the database will only know 
about some packages, so guix gc will wipe the other system.

In addition, you'll need to keep profiles in sync on both systems othewise guix 
gc will also wipe the profiles from che other system, since they are not gc 
roots on the current system.

Le 1 juin 2021 08:00:47 GMT-04:00, "Tomás Chapunov" <> a 
écrit :
>Can I move the Store to another disk?
>I have two installations of Guix.
>- One Guix SD, it works fine. I'm fiddling with it, but it's a work in
>- One Guix package manager on top of my main debian 10 system. I have
>packages installed, but texlive is giant. When I do:
>$ guix package -u
>it uses so much memory that always exhaust my PC.
>I wonder if I can symlink the store, and relocate it in another disk. I
>have more than one.
>Is there any best practices recommendation about doing this? Can I
>Is there any issue I have to consider about performance or anything
>Thanks! Guix is marvelous, but it takes a steep learning curve.

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