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Re: partition table on guix system

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: Re: partition table on guix system
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2021 10:42:11 +0200
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> Everything works perfectly! (notice: I only tried until the installer 
> generated the /etc/config.scm file). 

Glad to hear that :).

> 2. I found a problem: if, during the manual partitioning, you delete a free 
> space (by mistake), the installation crashes  (see picture) and you have to 
> start again from the beginning (language choice). I had the same problem with 
> the official 1.3 installation image.
> Besides, I have three things to share (either with the 1.2, 1.3 or the one 
> tested today). I hesitated to do three separate emails, but I may have 
> misunderstood something about the installation process and don't want to 
> pollute the guix email.

No that's a legitimate bug report! Could you please send a mail to about that one, so that it is easier for us to track

> A. About the time zone configuration: when you start the installation process 
> from a reboot, you have to select the city with the arrows (and not by typing 
> the first letter of the city: example Europe/Zurich) but when you interrupt 
> an installation and start again from the beginning (=
> the choice of the installation language), when you get to the choice of the 
> time zone, you can type in the first letter of the city and the installer 
> selects directly the city that starts with this letter. It is not a problem 
> concerning the choice of the time zone but rather that the process
> of resuming the installation from the language does probably not completely 
> start from the beginning (?). I just wanted to point it out.

That's strange, letter based selection is supposed to be active from the
start, I'll check why.

> B. I would find it very useful if the installer offered to set up a print 
> cups service when selecting services. Editing the /etc/config.scm file to set 
> up cups is the first thing I do after any installation. 

It has been reported here: We should
definitely add it.

> C. About the choice of the keyboard layout "fr_CH.utf8": strangely (i.e. 
> contrary to debian installer for example), you have to choose "German 
> (Switzerland)" first and then the variant "French (Switzerland)". It is not 
> intuitive to choose a "French (Switzerland)" keyboard in the
> "German (Switzerland)" category. The debian installer proposes directly the 
> keyboard "fr_CH.utf8" when you choose the regional settings Switzerland / 
> French. 

We are following the structure dictated by the xkeyboard-layout package,
I don't remember exactly how the Debian installer deals with it, but
I'll check it.

Thanks for your help,


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