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Re: My very own Guix System Server in my apartment

From: david larsson
Subject: Re: My very own Guix System Server in my apartment
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2021 20:21:54 +0200

On 2021-06-30 17:35, Joshua Branson wrote:
Hello Guix people!

So I will shortly be setting up my very own Guix System server in my
apartment!  I am super excited!  I would love to hear any and all
advice.  I should probably set up a good firewall.  I should probably
use REALLY LONG passwords.  AND ONLY use ssh authentication.

I plan to have this Guix System Server host my websites: and

I intend this server to host email for the above sites.

I do have a static IP address a signed by my ISP.

I want to run cuirass or the Guix Build Coordinator.

I want to run a GNU FM and or instance.

What else should I do with said server?

It's a Dell Optiplex 7020 with 30GB of RAM with a 3TB HDD.  It cost me
$250 USD.

Sounds like you got quite a deal :-P

What do you all think?


Hi Joshua,

I am excited to hear how this goes!

I can suggest a few things (that may be a bit advanced):

1. Setup the email servers with a spamassasin spamfilter, and make it pass the big email providers' spam filters (checking with for example: For this you usually need ur ISP to add reverse PTR record in DNS (though most regular ISP's don't help with this). Otherwise there is that lets you self-administer a static VPN ip's reverse PTR record via web portal. You also need a few more records in DNS.

2. A Nextcloud server.

3. If you can manage: a guix service knot DNS server (with DNSSec would be cool).

and of course all of the above with the lets encrypt service TLS certs! :-)
(and why not publish TLSA records in DNS and sign them with DNSSec :-P )

If you wanna go bold, get a second Dell Optiplex 7020 with the same specs, and setup a Ganeti cluster as described in the Guix blog post :-) I can confirm that those instructions work, as I have a few fun hosting things there myself :)

Best regards and best of luck with your new project!

David L

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