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Guix Printing Problems

From: Peter
Subject: Guix Printing Problems
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 21:30:44 +1000

Greetings! This is my first post. I hope I'm doing it right, and please forgive 
me if I'm not.

I have installed GUIX (including CUPS) onto a Lenovo ThinkCentre P520c, 
successfully except that I cannot print from within the Guix installation. I 
have a trusty Brother HL-5350DN laser printer connected via ethernet to my 
local network. Pointing the browser to http//:localhost:631 brings up a CUPS 
interface, but produces an error message: "The web interface is currently 
disabled. Run "cupsctl WebInterface=yes" to enable it." I try that but "command 
not found". Commands I have used like 'systemctl start cups.service' etc don't 
work on Guix either. Is there a Guix equivalent? Attempts to enable the Web 
interface via the config.scm (GNU Guix Reference Manual 10.8.7) have also 

And yet: if I type the IP address of the printer '' directly into 
the browser, it shows up as ""; and I find 
myself in a Brother utility for the printer, from which I can successfully do a 
test print. The Brother utility has a number of screens: Home Page, View 
Configuration, Maintenance Information, Find Device, Printer Settings, 
Administrator Settings, Reset & Test, Network Configuration.

This ought to be encouraging, but when I attempt to print a working text 
document (e.g. via Gedit) although the printer is listed (along with IP address 
and all usual data) it says "Processing - Not connected?", despite the system 
clearly knowing the address etc.

I set the printer up normally in Gnome Print Settings, but if I look at the 
View Print Queue, it says "Document Print Status: Processing - Not connected?". 
If I go into Server Settings to check the 'Publish shared printers connected to 
this system' setting the troubleshooter recommended, I get "CUPS server error: 
There was an error during CUPS operation: 'Failed to set settings'". 
Troubleshooting's final verdict is "There is no obvious solution to this 

I'm foxed, and frustrated, and as a desperate work-round I have to ssh the file 
to another machine to be printed. By the way, I have successfully set up 
printing for MacOS, nixOS, Debian, and Arch, but GUIX (alone) fails to find the 
printer, except via the Brother utility.

Any clues? I earnestly want this FSF-endorsed distribution to work.

I'm including my config.scm, and the troubleshooting report.

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