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Re: Getting Unit Test Results Out Of Guix Build

From: Phil
Subject: Re: Getting Unit Test Results Out Of Guix Build
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 19:31:29 +0100
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raingloom writes:

> Couldn't this just be another package output? Maybe not the most elegant
> solution, since those are not usually used this way, but it can sort of
> work. Just add a phase that copies the logs to the "tests" output if
> it exists. Kinda like how the "debug" is currently used.

Yes this could work - so for my-package I could just define
my-package:tests which would add an extra test directory to the package
in the store which I would copy the test results into.

The files will be small so I could just leave them in the store, but
also I could remove the my-package:tests once I'm done using the file,
to keep the store tidy?

It might even be possible to write something that augments this onto a
package automatically.

I'll give this a whirl and if I produce anything useful I'll reply with
the details.


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