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Re: No sound - Intel HDA SOF driver and Nvidia HDMI

From: pelzflorian (Florian Pelz)
Subject: Re: No sound - Intel HDA SOF driver and Nvidia HDMI
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 11:32:09 +0200

You could set a different Linux-libre kernel version in your operating
system declaration, e.g.
(kernel (@ (gnu packages linux) linux-libre-5.10))
or (kernel (@ (gnu packages linux) linux-libre-5.4)).

If you don’t mind recompiling your kernel: Searching in my


reveals a few occurrences of HDMI in the kernel configuration.  You
could set in your operating system declaration:

 ((@@ (gnu packages linux) make-linux-libre*)
  (@@ (gnu packages linux) linux-libre-5.14-version)
  (@@ (gnu packages linux) linux-libre-5.14-gnu-revision)
  (@@ (gnu packages linux) linux-libre-5.14-source)
  #:configuration-file (@@ (gnu packages linux) kernel-config)
   '(("CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL" . #f))
   (@@ (gnu packages linux) %default-extra-linux-options))))

or similar, but this may need to be adapted with future Guix versions.
If it works at all.

Also I suppose you have exactly the same hardware setup as with
Trisquel or Debian.  For example, I remember something advertised as
an HDMI cable but it could not carry sound.


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