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Overriding xkeyboard-config package used by xorg-wrapper

From: SeerLite
Subject: Overriding xkeyboard-config package used by xorg-wrapper
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2021 16:18:24 -0300
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I'm trying to override xkeyboard-config with a fork. I've successfully defined a variant in my system configuration along with variants for setxkbmap, xkbcomp and xorg-server that use it as input. They all build fine and seem to run fine too, but the problem is some things break unless the new XKB location is set directly in `X`'s `-xkbdir` argument.

I thought it would automatically get set to the correct location if I used my xorg-server variant in my slim service's xorg-configuration, but that wasn't the case. I looked at gnu/services/xorg.scm and it seems like`xorg-wrapper` just uses the default xkeyboard-config for `-xkbdir`.

Is there a way I can make it use the input from the server package I set in xorg-configuration instead? Or is there at least any way I can directly override the xkeyboard-config package used by xorg-wrapper?

Thanks :)


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