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Re: Best base system for Guix

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Best base system for Guix
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 12:45:58 +0100


I don't have personal experience but think it likely that Trisquel/Debian is used by more contributors than Arch, which means that integration bugs are more likely to be noticed and fixed. The difference shouldn't be significant, and we're always open to bug reports from Guix on other GNU/Linux distributions. Most contributors run Guix System.


On 2021-11-11 11:59, Alexander Asteroth wrote:
I've tried
arch and debian 11 and noticed that the packages available in Guix under
arch are way more recent (e.g icecat 91 vs 6x) and more in general.

Something's wrong. Guix provides a single rolling release across all Guix Systems and foreign distributions.

The 'guix' packages for foreign distributions install an older snapshot of Guix which sets up the daemon and puts a 'guix' command in the global $PATH.

Users are expected to run 'guix pull' (similar to 'pacman -S' but per user--never sudo!) to update it. This will update both guix itself and the list of availabe packages.

Also I'm asking myself how Guix deals with different
systems/kernels/base installations and how it decides which packages
will work?

It doesn't. Either your Arch system isn't properly configured so that 'command -v guix' returns ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix, or you haven't run 'guix pull' to create or update that copy of guix.

If you have run 'guix pull' and still see outdated packages, let us know. There's something wrong with the system then.

Isn't there any dependence? Is this documented somewhere?

Once installed, Guix expects little more from the host system than a reasonably modern Linux kernel (supporting certain namespaces, syscalls & the like) and minimal configuration like a running Guix daemon, the guixbuild* users, mounted /dev, etc. I don't think these are formally documented in a single place.

If available, the 'guix' package on a foreign distribution will set that up for you: it can depend on foreign packages, set up users/groups, support uninstallation, etc., in a cleaner way than the shell script can.

Kind regards,


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