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Synapse Matrix

From: crodges
Subject: Synapse Matrix
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 09:29:00 -0800

Hello all,

I'm setting up a guix server but since I'm very new to Guix (1-2 months of 
continuous use) I'm still grasping many concepts. The manual is great but 
regarding specific packages, I'm having a harder time finding documentation. 
If anyone has experience and can answer any of the following questions, it'll 
be greatly appreciated. My current issue is installing synapse.

1. Where do I find a good write up of a Synapse installation using guix? It is 
packaged and I installed using root (it's under root profile now). According 
to official Synapse installation guide (
latest/setup/installation.html), I should do something like

cd ~/synapse
python -m \
    --server-name \
    --config-path homeserver.yaml \
    --generate-config \

and from the arch wiki, it should be something like

$ sudo -u synapse python -m \
  --server-name \
  --config-path /etc/synapse/homeserver.yaml \
  --generate-config \

using the synapse user. My next question is

2. Where should I put config files for specific packages like synapse? I'm 
assuming that I should not use /etc like the arch wiki above.

3. Assuming that I can use any arbitrary folder to house config files for 
packages, is it possible to use a private channel to get them during an 
installation, in order to be able to reproduce in a new install my configs?

4. Is there any place where I can contribute to documentation, in the same 
spirit as the excellent arch wiki? I found
Main_Page, but it doesn't seems to be used (or at least is very new, Nov 3).


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