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Only Using Openbox (vs GNOME/Openbox or KDE/Openbox); and xfce4-power-ma

From: Jaft
Subject: Only Using Openbox (vs GNOME/Openbox or KDE/Openbox); and xfce4-power-manager and polkit
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 08:37:20 +0000 (UTC)

So I got Guix working on a laptop and've been playing around with the system 
I've been trying to see how things work and figuring out what to use a service 
for and what to install a package for. I have part of my config. as so, 
(users (cons* (user-account                (name "name")                
(comment "Full N. Ame")                (group "users")                
(home-directory "/home/name")                (supplementary-groups              
    '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video")))              
%base-user-accounts))(packages  (append    (list (specification->package 
"openbox")          (specification->package "nss-certs")          bc dunst 
compton inxi-minimal htop lxterminal          lxappearance catfish thunar 
thunar-volman          xfce4-power-manager arandr tint2 rofi clipmenu          
seahorse file-roller gnome-calculator          gnome-font-viewer 
gnome-screenshot          gnome-themes-standard papirus-icon-theme          
font-abattis-cantarell font-fira-code ncdu          pulsemixer i3lock nitrogen 
viewnior)    %base-packages))(services (cons*            (service 
slim-service-type (slim-configuration                                         
(display  ":0")                                         (vt      "vt7")))       
     (modify-services %desktop-services (delete gdm-service-type))))
One of the things I'd like to change is SLiM shows three types of Openbox to 
start; I'm assuming they all get setup as options with the Openbox package but 
I'd like to just use Openbox and GNOME/Openbox keeps showing up as the first 
option so I have to cycle twice to get the one I want every time I login.
Is there a means to remove the other two?
Secondly, trying to start xfce4-power-manager requires having to give a 
password; given it's a daemon, it feels like it almost should have a 
correlating service (outside of having to use an entire desktop environment 
service) but I wasn't able to find one.
Is there a way to start xfce4-power-manager on startup (even if it's just via 
Openbox's autostart) such that the user's password isn't involved? And, if so, 
is there a best means to do so within the context of running Guix?
Thanks for any help!

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