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Re: Jitsi Meet Screen Sharing with Ungoogled-Chromium

From: Remco
Subject: Re: Jitsi Meet Screen Sharing with Ungoogled-Chromium
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 11:34:40 +0100
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2022/01/16 18:46, Yasuaki Kudo:

> Is there anyone here who uses Jitsi Meet to share screens from Guix?
> Let me know!
> At least in version 90 of chromium (third party, not a guix package),
> it used to work.
> With the current ungoogled-chromium on Guix, the moment someone else
> connects to the Jitsi session, ungooogled-chromium dies with an 'aw,
> snap' message.

It (starting/joining a jitsi meeting and sharing a screen/window/tab)
works for me with ungooogled-chromium version 92 from guix.  Newer
versions unfortunately don't which is probably related to this issue:

The last guix commit I've found with a working ungooogled-chromium is:


You can use guix timemachine to run it (see issue for an example).


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