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Re: " version `GLIBC_2.33' not found" with guix time-machine -

From: Wiktor Żelazny
Subject: Re: " version `GLIBC_2.33' not found" with guix time-machine --channels
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2022 15:18:29 +0100

On Sun, Jan 09, 2022 at 07:49:30PM +0100, Wiktor Żelazny wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 09, 2022 at 07:03:33PM +0100, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> >
> > Wiktor Żelazny <> writes:
> >
> > > One more thing: the problem started after I had had to roll-back a
> > > segfaulting guix build.
> >
> Not anymore.

Still, this looks like some interference from the environment. When I
ran `su $username` first, there was no error. I ran `set` before and
after `su` and diffed the results. The only suspicious thing I found

   --- nosuset   2022-02-03 14:46:16.691231539 +0100
   +++ suset     2022-02-03 14:45:51.658607639 +0100


It’s related to the window manager, which is related to Xorg, and the
LIBC error pertains to X libraries. Could there be a connection here?

Sure enough, unsetting LD_PRELOAD seems to fix things, too.

From spectrwm man page:

   Note that workspace mapping is handled via When
   autorun spawns windows via a daemon, ensure the daemon is started
   with the correct LD_PRELOAD in its environment.

   For example, starting urxvtd(1) via xinit(1):

   LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ urxvtd -q -o -f

   Spawned programs automatically have LD_PRELOAD set when executed.

I guess I need to alias guix to "unset LD_PRELOAD; guix" until I find
some more elegant solution.


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