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Permissions issue

From: Platoxia
Subject: Permissions issue
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 20:44:53 +0000

I have set up my config.scm for my all-in-one HP and printing works fine but I 
have some weird permissions issue with the scanner. I've tried two scanner 
programs (simple scan and xsane) and both have the same problem of not finding 
the scanner unless I launch the program from the cli with sudo.

In accordance with the manual, I modified '%desktop-services' exactly as stated 
for adding the "sane-backends" hoping that it would handle this issue but 
nothing has changed after re-configuring the system and rebooting. I even 
installed sane-backends-minimal, sane-backends, hplip-minimal, and hplip to my 
profile but it didn't fix the issue. In fact, that just brought up another 
issue in that the QT front-end to HPLIP doesn't launch at all (I read that it 
has scanner related settings, which is why I installed it).

Someone on the #guix mentioned something about udev rules but according to the 
manual the desktop services are supposed to handle that. I'm at a loss for what 
to do at this point and would appreciate some guidance.

Here is my config.scm incase it helps uncover the issue:

> ;; This is an operating system configuration generated
> ;; by the graphical installer and updated by platoxia.
> (use-modules (gnu))
> (use-service-modules
> desktop
> networking
> ssh
> xorg
> cups)
> (use-package-modules
> cups
> scanner)
> (define %my-desktop-services
> ;; List of desktop services that supports a broader range of scanners.
> (modify-services %desktop-services
> (sane-service-type _ => sane-backends)))
> (operating-system
> (locale "en_US.utf8")
> (timezone "America/Chicago")
> (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "us"))
> (host-name "boneyard")
> (users (cons* (user-account
> (name "platoxia")
> (comment "Platoxia")
> (group "users")
> (home-directory "/home/platoxia")
> (supplementary-groups
> '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video")))
> %base-user-accounts))
> (packages (append (list (specification->package "nss-certs"))
> %base-packages))
> (services (cons* (service mate-desktop-service-type)
> (set-xorg-configuration
> (xorg-configuration
> (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout)))
> (service cups-service-type
> (cups-configuration
> (web-interface? #t)
> (extensions
> (list cups-filters hplip-minimal))))
> %my-desktop-services))
> (bootloader
> (bootloader-configuration
> (bootloader grub-bootloader)
> (targets '("/dev/sda"))
> (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout)))
> (swap-devices (list
> (swap-space (target
> (uuid "45749447-7c2c-4f61-8006-d861fe9a88d1" )))))
> (file-systems
> (cons*
> (file-system
> (device (uuid "7557000f-8212-4bc5-87f1-d5201e1a30d6" 'ext4))
> (mount-point "/")
> (type "ext4"))
> ;; 4 1TB HDDs in btrfs raid 10
> (file-system
> (device (file-system-label "storage"))
> (mount-point "/media/storage")
> (type "btrfs")
> (flags '(no-atime)))
> %base-file-systems)))

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