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Re: How to work with npm from guix shell

From: Martin Castillo
Subject: Re: How to work with npm from guix shell
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 13:43:21 +0100
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Am 18.02.22 um 13:27 schrieb Roland Everaert via:
Unfortunatelly I got the following error during the execution of 'npm install 
-g @solid/community-server'

The -g flag tells npm that you want to install the package globaly, which on guix, is inside the read-only gnu store. You can either just omit -g to install the packages in the current directory, or use <>, which was proposed here: <>

I am totally illiterate about node.js and its ecosystem. So, how to setup a 
proper environment for running node.js application with guix shell or guix in 

Guix packages packages from other language specific packagers, like pip. But I don't think we have node modules tracked by guix.
AFAIK, the above solution is best practice.

Someone else might know more.


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