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Re: install a Printer

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Re: install a Printer
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 10:11:48 -0500

Gottfried <> writes:

> thanks for Your help, I am one step further, it installed now printer
> settings, I can see a symbol in my MATE Desktop.
> But I can`t open it, when clicking on it, nothing happens.
> If I click on hplip, also, nothing happens.
> In my printer settings, (looked at in Libre Office) there is a generic
> printer available, but I can`t change anything.

Now that you have installed the CUPS service, you should verify that it
is running and then add your printer to it.

1. Verify that the CUPS service is running. Run the command below using
   sudo from your regular (non-root) user account. If you see similar
   output, then CUPS is running.

   $ sudo herd status cups

   Status of cups:
     It is started.
     Running value is 550.
     It is enabled.
     Provides (cups).
     Requires (networking).
     Conflicts with ().
     Will be respawned.

2. Open the CUPS web interface by visiting this URL in your web browser:


3. Click the "Administration" link in the navbar. You may be prompted to
   log in. You should enter your root user's credentials here. You can
   also reach the same page by simply visiting this URL:


4. Click the "Add Printer" button on this page and follow the prompts to
   install your local printer. Make sure that your printer is turned on
   and plugged into your computer before starting this step.

5. Once you have added your printer, you can click on the "Printers"
   link in the navbar to see it listed. You can also reach this page by
   visiting this URL:


6. And that's about it. If you want to read more about adding and
   managing printers in CUPS, you can visit the help page at this URL:


Have fun and happy hacking!

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