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Setup a remote pair-programming environment

From: Jérémy Korwin-Zmijowski
Subject: Setup a remote pair-programming environment
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2022 23:14:12 +0100
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Dear Guixters,

I realised I have not shared my last blog post about Guix with you here.

It's about how I used Guix to set up a remote pair-programming environment (mostly to hack with Guile). I mean somewhere I could hack with another person.
For example:
- I introduced people to Guile and Test Driven Development.
- Simon introduced me to Guix contribution through bug fixing !

Our setup was pretty experimental but we were able to pull Guix sources, compile, edit in Emacs, etc.
We were using Jitsi to talk to each other.

That was fun, really fun (at least for me haha).
I enjoy this way to share knowledge, demonstrate, mentor, etc. More than reading or watching content from you all.

And I hope some of you will enjoy doing remote pair-programming as much as I did.

Here is the link of the blog post:
Here is the like of my repo with my setup:

Love you, take care !


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