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Re: Setup a remote pair-programming environment

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Setup a remote pair-programming environment
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2022 21:19:52 -0500
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Hi Jérémy,

Jérémy Korwin-Zmijowski <> writes:

> Dear Guixters,
> I realised I have not shared my last blog post about Guix with you here.
> It's about how I used Guix to set up a remote pair-programming
> environment (mostly to hack with Guile). I mean somewhere I could hack 
> with another person.
> For example:
> - I introduced people to Guile and Test Driven Development.
> - Simon introduced me to Guix contribution through bug fixing !
> Our setup was pretty experimental but we were able to pull Guix
> sources, compile, edit in Emacs, etc.
> We were using Jitsi to talk to each other.
> That was fun, really fun (at least for me haha).
> I enjoy this way to share knowledge, demonstrate, mentor, etc. More
> than reading or watching content from you all.

It sure sounds fun!

> And I hope some of you will enjoy doing remote pair-programming as
> much as I did.
> Here is the link of the blog post:
> Here is the like of my repo with my setup:

Working in pair from a VM is an interesting idea.
Near the end of your blog post, you wrote:

> One the communication side, Jitsi is fine. But there could be something
> more suited for remote pair-programming sessions. I read about a Jami
> service…

As the jami-service-type implementer, I'd be happy to help you with
that, if you have any question setting it up, or issues after.

Thanks for sharing!


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