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Re: Questions regarding substitutes with debug output

From: Olivier Dion
Subject: Re: Questions regarding substitutes with debug output
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:25:35 -0400

On Thu, 28 Apr 2022, Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:
> Olivier Dion <> writes:
>> In my case, I prefer to avoid using package object directly.  As
>> mentioned in GWL' manual, the version of Guix running GWL and the
>> version of Guix used by GWL (the inferior) might not be the same.  Thus,
>> it is not okay for reproducibility in the long term.  In my case, I use
>> `guix time-machine --channels` as the inferior.
> The process itself could specify channels to use for its environment.
> Then it would be self-contained and reproducible without having to rely
> on time-machine.

Is this already supported in GWL?  I'm not sure if I understand how you
would do this.  How would it be different from using time-machine?

Olivier Dion

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