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Finding Dependencies at Run Time

From: Peter Polidoro
Subject: Finding Dependencies at Run Time
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 10:56:27 -0400

I apologize for a very basic question, but I could not find where this is 
documented. If a paper or manual page describes this I would be happy to read 

How, in general, does code in a Guix package find its dependency packages at 
run time?

Does it potentially work differently for each build system or is the same 
approach used for all packages?

Are absolute store paths of the dependencies saved at build time in environment 
variables or symbolic links or something that are accessible to the run time 

If code in a package looks for dependencies using relative paths, are copies or 
links to the dependencies saved within the package? Or is that sort of 
duplication always avoided? Are relative paths converted to absolute store 
paths somehow?

Is the Guix daemon needed at run time to help packages find each other or is 
the information needed to resolve all of the dependencies saved into the 
package at build time?


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