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Re: Question about the use of GNU Guix in production

From: Csepp
Subject: Re: Question about the use of GNU Guix in production
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2022 18:04:04 +0200

Daniel Riesner <> writes:

> Hello,
> although for now I only quickly tried GNU Guix in a vm, but more in
> depth have read the well written GNU Guix manual, I'm quite fascinated
> by it. Having a bit of a background in DevOps working among other
> things with infrastructure as code tool Terraform and the method of
> GitOps, I came to like declarative configuration. To me it seems for
> operating services, it brings e.g. greater transparency in
> collaboration and better ways to test and rollback changes in case of
> failure. Concerning the more political aspects, in many places I
> prefer free software and more decentralized services. Since I'm
> currently looking for a job, besides academic institutions, are there
> any companies known to use GNU Guix, which maybe even have open
> positions preferably in Germany or remote? Or do you maybe know of any
> places where such offers are shared as it is done e.g. for NixOS in
> their discourse forum?
> Best wishes
> Daniel Riesner

I've seen at least one job offer on one of the mailing lists (probably
the developer one), but it's not a common sight.

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