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Re: Question about the use of GNU Guix in production

From: Philip Beadling
Subject: Re: Question about the use of GNU Guix in production
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2022 17:09:09 +0000


> . Since I'm
> currently looking for a job, besides academic institutions, are there
> any companies known to use GNU Guix, which maybe even have open
> positions preferably in Germany or remote? Or do you maybe know of any
> places where such offers are shared as it is done e.g. for NixOS in
> their discourse forum?
> Best wishes
> Daniel Riesner

Just FYI - I've hired one senior developer (at Quantile Technologies Ltd) where 
the job spec mentioned Guix knowledge as preferred, but not a requirement.  To 
widen the net, I said anyone with a working knowledge of Scheme or LISP who was 
prepared to learn Guix was good enough for me.  The person I hired had some 
knowledge of NixOS, decent LISP background, and had heard of Guix, but 
picked-up most of their Guix knowledge after hiring.  The role is approx 50% 
Guix/Guile, and 50% unrelated development work (Scala/C++/Python/etc).

I'm not hiring at the moment, and no plans, but might have development/devops 
crossover positions in the future similar to this - probably not fully remote 
tho, and London based.  I would probably post these on Guix Developers if and 
when they come about.

In general, you don't hear of many roles, but I hope that will change in time!

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