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Python subprocess fails to execute Pip-installed module

From: Pradana Adrinusa AUMARS
Subject: Python subprocess fails to execute Pip-installed module
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2022 13:38:11 +0200

I need to use Ray ( for a project. Because Guix does
not have a python-ray package, and I don't really have time to package
one myself, I installed Ray using Pip (user installation is the
default, since system installation isn't possible on Guix).


import ray

fails since Python's subprocess needs to run an executable located in


So the error is narrowed down to:

import subprocess

It doesn't seem to be a $PATH issue. $PATH does not have ~/.local/bin

import subprocess

works normally.

I've also tried adding 
to $PATH, and it doesn't work.

I could package Ray, which would be the permenant solution, but I'm
limited on time right now. Does anyone have a temporary solution to fix
this issue?


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