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Package renpy broken?

From: Christian Gelinek
Subject: Package renpy broken?
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2022 06:58:58 +0000

Dear Guix community,

I couldn't get the GUI `renpy-launcher` GUI to do anything useful.  It says "The selected projects directory is not writable" for any meaningful action I attempted.  Under "preferences" -> General, there is a Projects Directory setting which (for me) displays as "Not Set".  Clicking that again shows the above error.

I'm new to Ren'Py (and GuixSD), so there may be a way of specifying this directory on the command line or via a config file somewhere, but I haven't found it.

Looking at the code at it seems that it tries to import the `_renpytfd` Python package, which - if successful - would be used to display a `selectFolderDialog`.  Otherwise, it would try to use the parent directory and if that fails, the directory specified in config.renpy_base, which is set to the empty string. Interestingly the empty string should resolve to the current directory, but that doesn't seem to be the case in my `renpy-launcher` context.

Another thing I found is that `_renpytfd` is being removed from the renpy package in which probably is the reason for why I can't set the path in the GUI.  The comment says "drop _renpytfd, as there are missing sources" but seems to disagree with that.  Additionally, there is a Guix package rust-tinyfiledialogs which I expect to also (at least indirectly) depend on tinyfiledialogs, which is not a package.

Where to go from here?

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