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Re: Package renpy broken?

From: Christian Gelinek
Subject: Re: Package renpy broken?
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2022 09:42:19 +0000

Hi Wojtek, thanks for your response and the useful links to learn how to patch a package.

Once you grasp a bit of it, you should be able to define your own
variant of the Ren'Py package. One without the bug.

That would probably be the easiest fix, but I do wonder about other users of Ren'Py - particularly whoever packaged it first, did they ever get it working for them?

I realize it's probably a bit discouraging to come to a new distro and
find out you need to learn packaging to utilize it.

I guess switching distros is always going to cause some friction, so I was partly prepared for that.

Yet, honestly, Guix is a geeky package manager - you can only benefit from its
super-powers once you're yourself Guix geek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You're right in that, and it also seems to have some really compelling features that motivated me to switch and which (hopefully) make this learning experience worthwhile. On the other hand, I do like packages which *just work* out of the box, and I feel the declarative approach should generally help with that. As a newcomer I do have the concern that this "geekiness" can also lead to a pile of patches on top of each other (in this case, the patch to remove TFD and then another to make the package work again without it) that I feel would increase the maintenance burden rather than decreasing it beyond the short term. Please tell me if what I said doesn't match the deeper philosophy behind Guix for some reason or another.

Looking at my Ren'Py issue, I am wondering whether the cleaner approach would be to package TFD as a separate package (I think zlib counts as a Free Software license) and make it a dependency of Ren'Py, hoping that will fix the issue. Maybe other packages like rust-tinyfiledialogs could benefit from such a package as well (I am wondering how users of that are currently actually using TFD).

What are your thoughts?


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