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Re: Understanding config.scm Modules

From: Luis Felipe
Subject: Re: Understanding config.scm Modules
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2023 15:49:45 +0000

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 at 14:07, Simon Tournier 
<> wrote:

> On jeu., 02 févr. 2023 at 19:02, "" 
> wrote:

> > 4) Where does the manual list the modules and module options for quick
> > reference?

> I do not understand this question but I guess it is because the question
> #2.

I guess mhrunnels refers to an index of modules, something that is commonly 
found in API documents. As far as I know, Guix doesn't provide such an index or 
separate API reference documentation. The Guix manual mentions modules and what 
they provide in the context of sections.

What you can do is explore the "gnu" and "guix" directories in Guix's source 
(, which provide all those 
modules and submodules you see imported everywhere. You might also check this 
video for an explanation of the source tree:

Also, You can explore modules using Emacs Geiser and its "Module documentation" 

Personally, though, I'd like to see a complete Guix API index on the web 
(that's on my project manager).

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