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Re: attempt to create a profile

From: Csepp
Subject: Re: attempt to create a profile
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2023 20:20:32 +0100

Gottfried <> writes:

> [[PGP Signed Part:Undecided]]
> Hi,
> thanks for your help.
> I tried to open this profile,
> by
>> gfp@Tuxedo ~$  source /home/gfp/Projekte/Musescore/guix-profil/etc/profile
> or
>> gfp@Tuxedo ~$ guix shell -p /home/gfp/Projekte/Musescore/guix-profil
> but it didn’t happen anything.

It's normal, it normally doesn't show anything.

> How can I know, that I am now in this profile?
> Shouldn’t bash show me something?

If you directly source the etc/profile script, GUIX_PROFILE does not get
defined, so bash doesn't know you loaded a profile.
Which is actually "correct", since sourcing it is not the same as
entering it using guix shell/environment.  Sourcing directly modifies
the running process's environment variables, so exiting bash would not
get you back to a default environment, it would most likely just close
the terminal emulator.  But if you are in a genuine `guix shell`,
running the exit builtin command gets you back to the process where guix
shell was run from.

If you used guix shell then I'm pretty sure it should show someting.
Running `guix shell -p ~/.guix-profile -- bash` does show the [env]
prompt for me, so either your bash is configured differently or your
login shell is not bash.  For example, my login shell is Zsh, which
doesn't have the same customization, I had to add a similar prompt hack

> And when I opened the package "musescore" it opened the package
> musescore in my other profile.
> So I guess I am not in this profile.

Did you open it from bash or from a desktop app launcher?
The environment variables are only changed locally in the bash process
you ran source from, or the bash process that guix shell spawned.
If you did run it from there and it launched the wrong one, then could
you post the output of

guix package -p /home/gfp/Projekte/Musescore/guix-profil --list-installed


Maybe you accidentally mixed up which version is installed in which
profile, it happens.

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