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Re: Problems with Gnome Authenticator 2FA

From: Wojtek Kosior
Subject: Re: Problems with Gnome Authenticator 2FA
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 00:00:39 +0100

> Hi Guix,
>   I'm being required to setup a 2FA application to create
> one-time-passwords for a self-managed Gitlab instance. The wrinkle is
> that I don't own a smartphone. Up until now I've been able to use 2FA
> over SMS for most systems I interact with, but Gitlab doesn't support
> this option. Instead, there is a hard requirement on using a dedicated
> application for this purpose. The recommended choices are Google
> Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator for either iOS or Android.
> Again, I don't have access to either of these operating systems, nor do
> I want to use these proprietary applications for (what should be) such a
> basic task.
> In digging through the Guix package list, I found `authenticator`:

Hi Gary!

I recall keepassxc, beside being a password manager (and one I am
satisfied with), can also generate authentication codes :)

guix show keepassxc

Good luck with your task!


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