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Re: Generating helptags for vim plugins

From: SeerLite
Subject: Re: Generating helptags for vim plugins
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2023 21:28:45 +0100

On 2023-02-21 11:32, wrote:
I also think that having each plugin in its own folder is the most robust solution. Both vim and neovim have package loading that works with no or minimal configuration for quite a few years now, and to me it makes sense if guix adds the plugins in the structure the built-in loaders expect. However, I would not expect the user to have to :packadd each plugin separately. Having plugins autoload is the behaviour with the current guix packages, and I think that's the most common use case anyway. For that, I think all that needs to be done is to install the plugins at ~/.guix-home/profile/share/vim/plugins/pack/guix/start/<plugin_name> and then having set packpath=~/.guix-home/profile/share/vim/plugins in the system vimrc.

For neovim plugins, the path would be ~/.guix-home/profile/share/nvim/site/pack/guix/start/<plugin_name>.

Hi! Whichever way you go I recommend you avoid hardcoded paths and instead use search paths. This way you can have Vim and its plugins in a non-default profile and no collisions or unexpected sourcing will happen in `guix shell`. `--pure` should be pure!

See my old patch for more info: <>


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