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Re: display manager doesn't read ~/.xsession when it is a symlink

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Re: display manager doesn't read ~/.xsession when it is a symlink
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023 09:53:37 -0400

> Rodrigo Morales <> writes:
>> [...]
>>   I've symlinked `~/my/guix-config/xdg/xsession' to `~/.xsession' by
>>   using the following instruction in
>>   `~/my/guix-config/home-configuration.scm' (see appendix for my
>>   complete configuration)
>>   ,----
>>   | (... some omitted lines ...)
>>   |    (service
>>   |     home-files-service-type
>>   |     `((".xsession"
>>   |        ,(local-file "xdg/xsession"))
>>   | (... some omitted lines ...)
>>   | #+END_SRC scheme
> Hello, you can use (local-file "xdg/xsession" recursive? #t) to make the
> store file kept the permission bits, which would lead to a executable
> ~/.xsession.

Exactly right. In order to preserve the executable bit on your xsession
file when running it through `guix home`, you have to set the
#:recursive? option to #t in `local-file`. Here's an update to your
example service in `~/my/guix-config/home-configuration.scm`:

(... some omitted lines ...)
(simple-service 'rodrigo-dotfiles
                 `((".xsession" ,(local-file "xdg/xsession" #:recursive? #t)))))
(... some omitted lines ...)

Happy hacking!

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