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behavior of guix package -k -u on substitute download failure or build f

From: Andy Tai
Subject: behavior of guix package -k -u on substitute download failure or build failure
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 13:11:45 -0700

Hi, sorry if I misunderstand any concept in this mail,

from previous messages I believe that the behavior of a user doing

guix package -k -u

if any failure occurs (network failure downloading substitutes or
local build failure)

the local builds of other packages may proceed to completion, but no
package upgrade occurs at all.   I guess this is for the reason of
transaction integrity, that guix upgrades all packages eligible to be
upgraded in this instance, either all of them or none of them.

In normal usage, it may commonly be the intention of the user just to
get package updates, not necessarily needing to have these packages
upgraded in one step.   Thus is is possible to have a command line
switch to have guix package to just upgrade the packages that can be
successfully upgraded, even if some other packages may not be upgraded
due to some failure, thus breaking the transaction semantics but the
user does not mind?

for example, today my attempt at package upgrade failed at building
python-pyopengl-accelerate  but I don't really mind gtk programs
unrelated to python to be upgraded

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