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help required for gnu make file

From: Kiran Chuhan
Subject: help required for gnu make file
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 14:20:21 +0530

i am developing one application for motorolla PowerPC 8240 which supports Hardware FPU. I am using tornado version 2.0 as developing environment . what i did  is , i had implemented floating point instruction using "C" ( e.g float1 = float2 / 2.3 ; )
and generate the code for the same. i want to have hardware floating point support for the that.
As i need to have hardware floating point support, i found one flag value for the same is "-msoft-float" / "-mhard-float".i implemented this value in ADDED_CFLAGS in makefile. after building the code , i check the assembly instruction. but still i could not see use of any hardware floating point instruction. If anywhere else change is required please suggest.
so please suggest that how i can proceed.
Kiran Chauhan
Module Leader,
ERTA (Embedded and Real Time Application)
Contech Software Ltd
Tel : (Office )+91(2712) 44989/43324/43328, (R) : (02712) 29215
Email : address@hidden , address@hidden
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