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Re: disappearing rule

From: Karen Paffendorf
Subject: Re: disappearing rule
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 9:34:24 PDT

> %% Karen Paffendorf <address@hidden> writes:
>   kp> I have a rule in my makefile(s) that does not show up in the
>   kp> database.  Can you give me guidance in trying to find out why?
> You mean, when you run make -p it's not there?
> I can't say.  I've never heard of anything like that.
> Offhand I'd say you have a stray "\" before that line, or you have
> variables in it that aren't expanding as you expect so that the rule
> doesn't appear in the rule database as you expect, or maybe you have a
> problem with your TAB indentation.
> What version of GNU make are you using?  What OS are you running it on?
3.78.1 hpux B.11.11 linux 2.2.17-RAID
(BTW it works as intended in clearmake, granted the code path is different)

The rule has some non-variable data which is still not found in the db.
I am actually suspecting VPATH/vpath stuff.
My reason is that it works fine after a clean, but not after a partial build.
I am still scrutinizing -d -p outputs for both runs.
Decidedly confusing for me.
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