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Filename with whitespace

From: carle
Subject: Filename with whitespace
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 19:27:57 +0200

I'    am using cl.exe with gmake, I'll generate dependencies and obtain some files likes
c:\Program\ Files\Microsoft .....
but in target prerequies gnu make don't interpret \ as part of a filename but like \ + ' ' separator ....
what can i do i try to follow the makefile reader (file read.c in distrib) but i don't find how """banalise"" whitspace
is it possible??
thanks in advance patrice


ONERA  29 Av de la Division Leclerc 92320 Ch√Ętillon
Snail Mail:
Carle Patrice DTIM/IOR ONERA B.P 72 92322 Ch√Ętillon Cedex
Tel: (33)/(0)1 46 73 49 26

Current research domain -> IAD

intrusion detection, aircraft advisor, multi-agents cooperation datas... around temporal patern matching using:
-> Chronicle Recogtion System

Ontology Formalism for radar processing, SICRENS

Patrice Carle
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