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functions on prerequisites

From: Jim McElwaine
Subject: functions on prerequisites
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 16:54:46 +0100

I want to make rules like the following

$(A): %: $(dir %)/a

where I operate with string functions on % to generate the
dependencies but these do not seem to be evaluated Is there are any
solution to this without generating an intermediate file?

The info files say intriguingly that normaly only on "%" is used in a
patterm mathcing rule but they don't explain how to use more than one,
which would actually work for me.

for example

A:= ad/ad bd/bd cd/cd

$(A): %/%: %/a

but this doesn't work how I would expect either


Dr. Jim McElwaine   Work: 01223 337858 Home: 01223 710497
H0.15, Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences,     Cambridge University  
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email: address@hidden

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