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Er:Re: functions on prerequisites

From: Jim McElwaine
Subject: Er:Re: functions on prerequisites
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 16:23:51 +0100


Thanks very much for your help $(eval ...) works a treat now I've
upgrade to 3.80 and figured it out.

Copying the example in the info I used

AVIF := $(wildcard */*-cnt.avi) 
AVI  := $(notdir $(AVIF:%-cnt.avi=%))

define AVIP
$(1)/$(1)-cnt.avi:  $(1)/fct.mat 

$(foreach prog,$(AVI),$(eval $(call AVIP,$(prog))))

        command to update  $@


Thanks for your help.

I can't find $(eval ...) anywhere in the info documentation

Paul D. Smith writes:
 > %% Jim McElwaine <address@hidden> writes:
 >   jm> I want to make rules like the following
 >   jm> $(A): %: $(dir %)/a
 >   jm> where I operate with string functions on % to generate the
 >   jm> dependencies but these do not seem to be evaluated Is there are
 >   jm> any solution to this without generating an intermediate file?
 > The only ways are with an intermediate file, or using $(eval ...)
 >   jm> The info files say intriguingly that normaly only on "%" is used
 >   jm> in a patterm mathcing rule but they don't explain how to use more
 >   jm> than one, which would actually work for me.
 > You can't use more than one.
 > -- 
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