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Help converting a clearmake syntax over to gnu make

From: Leoj Naws
Subject: Help converting a clearmake syntax over to gnu make
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 06:48:13 -0800 (PST)


I hope someone can help me with this one. I am in the
process of converting a set of makefiles written for a
project which had been using ClearCase and clearmake
over to using gnu make instead. It's a fairly large
project with close to 1200 makefiles.

Most of them do not need any conversion at all but a
few have a substitution macro which I just can't seem
to convert over to using gnu make's syntax. I have
made a simple version of one of the makefiles which
shows the construct. I have also included the
clearmake & gnu make output.

The target / macro in problem looks like this:

$(DERIVED_DIRS:=/.touch):       $$(@:/.touch=)

Here's the info on the system / gnu make / etc.

System: Red Hat Linux Advanced Server
       (Linux jslinux 2.4.9-e.5 #1 Thu Jun 27 11:49:56
EDT 2002 i686 unknown)

GnuMake Version 3.79.1

Makefile Contents
======Start Here=====



DERIVED_DIRS_Linux=                     \
        $(EHS_DEST)                     \
        $(EHS_BIN)/linux                \

tree::  $(DERIVED_DIRS:=/.touch)

$(DERIVED_DIRS:=/.touch):       $$(@:/.touch=)
        @echo "TOUCH  $@ "

        @echo "mkdir -p $@"
======End   Here=====

clearmake output
======Start Here=====
[user 09:38:18 ~/MakeTest] clearmake
mkdir -p /ABC/Build

TOUCH  /ABC/Build/.touch

mkdir -p /ABC/Build/bin/linux

TOUCH  /ABC/Build/bin/linux/.touch
======End   Here=====

gnu make
======Start Here=====
[user 09:42:52 ~/MakeTest] make
Makefile:18: *** target pattern contains no `%'. 
======End   Here=====

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