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Re: how to suppress the included makefile not found warning?

From: David Wuertele
Subject: Re: how to suppress the included makefile not found warning?
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:53:00 -0800
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Me> I looked into that, but it doesn't solve the problem that I have of
Me> needing to autogenerate lists of .o files to make an includable
Me> dependency file that looks like this:
Me> some-executable: some-object.o other-object.o that-object.o

Noel> How do you autogenerate this?  Or, rather, why would you need to
Noel> autogenerate this?  At some point you have to say what's going
Noel> into the executable.

I have set up a system where my developers can make simple makefiles
like this:

  PROGRAMS = myprogram
  myprogram_OBJ = one.o two.o three.o

  PROGRAMS += herprogram
  herprogram_OBJ = two.o three.o four.o

  include ../../

And creates and includes a .mk that has all the actual
dependencies between programs and objects.  There are actually a lot
of other requirements that I'd rather not go into that make the
obvious "myprogram: one.o two.o three.o" statement unusable in my

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