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Are there any stable source tags/dates for gmake 3.80+

From: Sandy Currier
Subject: Are there any stable source tags/dates for gmake 3.80+
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 12:58:05 -0500
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Question: are there any stable labels (or date stamps) on the cvs gmake
source tree that I can reference when pulling down the sources?  I would
like to build a more recent but somewhat stable version of 3.80+.

I tried something from earlier this week, and it has a failing test.  I
tried something from around 2004 jan 22, but that does not build.  (I
did get that drop to build by copying the doc and po directories from a
2004 feb build since the build errors were in those directories.)
I picked jan 22 since it looks like some good changes were applied
on jan 21.


We are working on a rather large build project and would like to
use gmake 3.80+.  The currently available download version of 3.80
gets too many "virtual memeory" errors with our heavy use of eval
and call constructs, especially when used with include constucts.
We need everything that vpath has to offer plus will be heavily
using call, eval, and target specific definitions.

Any pointers to a recent and stable tag/date would be much appreciated.


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