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Re: how to work around the "long command line" in djgpp make

From: Martin Sebor
Subject: Re: how to work around the "long command line" in djgpp make
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 14:04:51 -0600
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Paul D. Smith wrote:
%% Martin Sebor <address@hidden> writes:

  ms> Paul D. Smith wrote:
  >> The next version of GNU make has abspath and realpath functions, too.

  ms> The problem with this functionality is that it's not reliable.
  ms> Consider this script:

  ms> (   cd /tmp && mkdir foo \
  ms>   && cd foo && mkdir bar \
  ms>   && cd bar && mv /tmp/foo /tmp/foobar \
  ms>   && pwd && cd `pwd`)

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.

The functions I'm talking about are _make_ functions, so none of the
strangeness that you might encounter with the shell is relevant to
those... all make functions are resolved in the context of the make
program, before any shell is invoked.  Am I missing something?

Maybe I didn't use the best example (replacing the mv command
with a chmod a-x might have better illustrated the point). What
I was trying to show was that it may not always be possible to
form an absolute pathname from a relative one because the path
may not exist or may not be accessible.


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