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Re: Quoted file names matching a pattern?

From: Ken Smith
Subject: Re: Quoted file names matching a pattern?
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 13:34:52 -0400
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On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 08:20:17PM +0300, Angel Tsankov wrote:
> But how do you get a list of all files that match a pattern, e.g. all .cpp 
> files? Could you give an example?

Replying to the list in case there are others who might be interested.
Please note how involved this gets with even a trival example.  If you
can follow Paul's advice, your life will be much simpler.

You may find 4 files attached which constitute a working example of how
to deal with source files which have spaces.  Note that only the source
files have spaces, as soon as I generate the object files, I no longer
have to deal with the whitespace.  This causes the resultant object
files to have somewhat unseemly names.


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