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Implicit work file removal

From: Tribhuwan Kama
Subject: Implicit work file removal
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 12:34:33 -0600

I am struggling with a scenario where the (gnu) make checks out the files from RCS, which don't exist but does not remove them after its done with compilation. I am trying to understand what should I do to make gnu make remove these files.
$:-->>make install
co  RCS/CPR_R_PrdNtGrp.c,v CPR_R_PrdNtGrp.c
RCS/CPR_R_PrdNtGrp.c,v  -->  CPR_R_PrdNtGrp.c
revision 1.1
/usr/bin/xlc -g -q64 -D__unix -qnoro -qlibansi -qcheck=all -I. -I/app/oracle/pro
duct/ -I/app/oracle/product/ -I/app/orac
le/product/ -I/opt/tuxedo/8.0/include -I/tapps/com/dev/curre
nt/include -I/tapps/prv/dev/current/include -I/tapps/usf/dev/current/include -I/
home/kamatr/cpr/dev/stage/include -I/tapps/cpr/dev/stage/include -c CPR_R_PrdNtG
Target installed
Now when the compilation is done, the file: CPR_R_PrdNtGrp.c is not removed from the current directory.
$:-->>ls CPR_R_PrdNtGrp.c
What needs to be done to remove it automatically?
Onesource Team, Downers Grove
(630) 737 5315

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