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Re: solaris make:command not found

From: Vesselin Peev
Subject: Re: solaris make:command not found
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 19:36:34 +0300

"zyh lucharst" <address@hidden> wrote:
hello everyone:
    I use the solaris10 the first time ,I have an question,when I
use the make command,I found the command was not found .and I don't
know how to do  it .so I want your help !  the error  was like

bash:make:command not found

And I am a newer ,can you give me an explicated express? thank you very much


Try "gmake" or "/opt/sfw/bin/gmake". In the editors/IDE's I use I always configure the name "gmake" so that I don't activate some other make (such as Sun make which should be somewhere on your system, too, but it is not GNU make) by error.

Hope that helps,

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