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Re: solaris make:command not found

From: Vesselin Peev
Subject: Re: solaris make:command not found
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 20:46:17 +0300

%%  Paul. D. Smith address@hidden writes:
%% zyh lucharst <address@hidden> writes:

 zl> I use the solaris10 the first time ,I have an question,when I use
 zl> the make command,I found the command was not found .and I don't
 zl> know how to do it .so I want your help !  the error was like
 zl> following:

 zl> #make
 zl> bash:make:command not found

Note that this list is about GNU make only.  If you have questions about
systems like Solaris, you should ask on a Solaris mailing list or

However, I happen to know that Sun stashes their "make" executable in
/usr/ccs/bin, so try "/usr/ccs/bin/make".

Note that this is Solaris make, based on SysV make, not GNU make.  Many
of the features of GNU make will not work at all in Solaris make.

If you want GNU make on Solaris you'll need to download it and build
it (or you can get prebuilt copies on the web).

Solaris 10 does come with a prebuilt GNU make (gmake) in, as well as a host of other GNU tools -- no need for downloading gmake in this case.
And I should have reminded the original poster about the list.


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