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Optional prerequisites

From: Vilar Camara Neto
Subject: Optional prerequisites
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:23:13 -0400
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build a rule with an "optional" prerequisite, i.e.,
something that says that "if a given file doesn't exist, then ignore it,
otherwise consider it as a prerequisite".

An example:  all files "%.z" depends on files "%.x" and, if existent,
"%.y".  The following works:


all: first.z second.z

first.z: first.x $(wildcard first.y)
        echo $^

second.z: second.x $(wildcard second.y)
        echo $^


Given that files "first.x", "first.y" and "second.x" (but not
"second.y") exist in the current directory, the echo commands print
exactly what I want (two prerequisites for "first.z" and one for

Surprisingly, a patterned rule doesn't work as I expect:


all: first.z second.z

%.z: %.x $(wildcard %.y)
        echo $^


It never expands the "$(wildcard ...)" clause accordingly.  I think that
there's something about operator precedence.

How do I solve it?  Maybe not using "$(wildcard ...)" at all?

Best regards,
Vilar Neto

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