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Re: Optional prerequisites

From: Vilar Camara Neto
Subject: Re: Optional prerequisites
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 16:34:13 -0400
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Paul D. Smith wrote:

>> All you can do is something like this:
>>     %.z: %.x
>>             ...
>>     all: foo.z bar.z
>>     foo.z: $(wildcard foo.y)
>>     bar.z: $(wildcard bar.y)
>> You can do the latter using a loop and avoid writing it out. if you have
>> a GNU make sufficiently new to have the $(eval ...) function.

Yes, $(eval ...) was the key that I was missing.  As you said, a loop
solves the problem:


TARGETS = first.z second.z

all: $(TARGETS)

%.z: %.x
        echo $^

 $(1): $(wildcard $(1:%.z=%.y))

$(foreach target,$(TARGETS),$(eval $(call BUILD_TARGET,$(target))))


Charming indeed...  :-)   Thanks very much!

Best regards,
Vilar Neto

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