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Re: Make isn't recompiling changed source files for me.

From: gamer Chad
Subject: Re: Make isn't recompiling changed source files for me.
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 17:03:04 -0400

Alright I've managed to fix this.  It had to do with a setup file I
had to rerun in the source directory.  It's something I didn't think
would cause any issues, but it did anyways :(

Sorry for the bother, thanks for the help.

On 8/8/06, Maxim Yegorushkin <address@hidden> wrote:
gamer Chad wrote:

> On 8/8/06, Maxim Yegorushkin <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Sounds like a dependency for .d is missing. Are you using different
>> versions of
>> make on Debian and Kubuntu?

> Yes I am using different versions.  3.80 on Debian (the old system),
> 3.81 beta 4 on Kubuntu (the new system).

I had similar problems while switching from 3.79 to 3.81. The problem was in
broken makefiles which happened to work somehow with 3.79.

> As far as the dependency - what kind of dependencies must be filled
> for Make to do this?

There should be a complete path in the dependency graph from the .d source to
the binary. Something like:

source.o : source.d ; # whatever is needed to produce .o
binary: source.o; $(CXX) -o $@ $+

The graph might be incomplete if you happen to use recursive makefiles.

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