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How to dive into SUBDIRS

From: Patrick Schoenfeld
Subject: How to dive into SUBDIRS
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 18:11:59 +0100
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Hi there,

in 4.6 of the make manual there is an example for using PHONY targets to
dive into SUBDIRS instead of the "for dir in.." variant. But I'm unsure
how to handle situations where you want to execute specific PHONY targets,
that all depend on the same SUBDIRS.

You have DIRS defined and several targets all, update and upload.
Normaly you would do something like this:

    set -e; for dir in $(DIRS); do make -C $$dir all; done

    set -e; for dir in $(DIRS); do make -C $$dir update; done

    set -e; for dir in $(DIRS); do make -C $$dir upload; done


But how to do it with the PHONY target variant? Defining different
variable names (my first guess) does obvious not work. Is there any
special variable to indicate which rule implicitly matched the $(DIRS):
rule? Then something like the following would work:

    $(MAKE) -C $@ $magicvar

I didn't find anything. Whats the right way to do this?

Thanks and best Regards,


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